Why Old Folks Are Better Gamblers

LEARNING FROM MISTAKES Studies show that as we get older we tend to take fewer risks. One reason is because we are more thoughtful. We scrutinize risks more thoroughly. We've…

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Innovative Remarkability

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We all want to be good at what we do. Some of us strive to be the best. But what if our goals were loftier?  Not better. Not the best. What if…

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Costco Soars by Breaking Rules

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Would you have bet on Costco?Dank atmosphere. Limited selection. Wooden pallets. Pay an annual fee for the privilege of shopping. It's contrary to every established rule of retail. Yet it worked!…

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I Lucked into Being American

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Have you ever thought that you’re lucky to be an American?One of my best friends, Dave McLurg, recently became an American citizen. While having dinner last week, Dave told me that…

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Avoiding Black Holes and Vacuums

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It’s happened to me. It’s happened to you. We got sucked into black holes: other people's vacuums.   In other words, we’ve all been sucked into a vacuum.In high school, I…

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Who You Do Not Want To Be

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Are you happy with your life? At 13, I thought I was. Then Chubby proved me wrong. Chubby was my dad. Plump as a kid, his childhood nickname stuck. I…

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When slander hurts

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When slander hurts, many of us find ourselves asking why.Two weeks ago, I wrote about a Paradise Valley Realtor who lied to take business away from me (you can find…

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Disruptors make history

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Disruptors make history. The word disrupt is a verb and has four definitions; one specifically for business. Disrupt [dis-ruhpt], to radically change (an industry, business strategy, etc.), as by introducing…

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