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Benefits of our Home Selling Program

“72SOLD was just recognized as the Leading Home Selling Program in America!” 

-Destry Jetton


“It was very convenient. I made a lot of money…about $50,000 more. At 91, I’m making moves! I am not sitting watching the grass grow…if you’re thinking of selling and you have your reasons, go for it! “


“It was real convenient. It was very quick. $50,000 more than my asking price, no stipulations and all cash…I thought angels were coming down and giving me a gift!” 



“The communication was just seamless. This process was easier than going to the grocery store. We wound up doing better by $40,000.”
-Shirley & Jim


“Anytime I had a questions about anything, I texted or a called and I got an answer immediately. I didn’t have to deal with showings. Price was more than I could have got on my own.” 



“It was the easiest process to sell our home. Simple, convenient and we got a lot more money than we expected.”
-Brandi & Mike


“The fact that we could stay longer really worked well for us. It was a quick sale with more money than we were asking for…we couldn’t be more pleased.” -Leanne


Sell your home without the inconveniences of selling the traditional way.

#1 in Arizona for 41 months and counting!

72SOLD Affiliate Hague Partners has been #1 in listings taken, #1 in listings sold and #1 in listings closed for 41 months and counting! 

We are consistently getting higher prices than the MLS average. In fact, in an independent study of homes sold in the Phoenix metro market from January 1, 2020 – May 31, 2022, 72SOLD affiliate Hague Partners closed 5,945 sales at a median sale price 11.2% higher than the MLS median. This validates the power of our program to generate higher prices..

Cutting Edge Marketing Power

We are frequently recognized by our commercials promoting our 72 Hour Home Selling Program (72SOLD), conceived by our talented marketing team and videography department led by Emmy award winning talent direct from NBC. Our creativity in promoting the 72 Hour home Selling Program is indicative of our advertising skill and ability to market your home at a level unmatched by any other real estate firm. We’ll show you how our revolutionary new home selling program is changing the way homes are sold across the country, getting our sellers more and selling in less time than our competitors! 

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Our home selling formula has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and 200 publications worldwide.

We Sell Homes Before They're Listed

We specialize in building buyer demand for your home from the minute we meet you. From our “Meticulosity Walkthrough” to our revolutionary 72 Hour Home Selling Program, we specialize in identifying every potential buyer for your home before it ever hits the market. 
Time on the market is acid to the price of a home. The longer it lingers, the more buyers presume it’s overpriced (even if it’s not). So we spend a fortune identifying every potential buyer for your home. Our national affiliate, 72SOLD, gives us the unique position to be in touch with buyers and agents across the country, providing an extensive agent network. Coupled with our superior and trademarked marketing strategy, our success rate selling homes faster for more is undeniable.   
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Agent Training Second to None

Many real estate firms boast about how big they are and their number of agents. The “Body shop, recruit every agent” philosophy damages our profession and ultimately harms our sellers.
It’s different at Hague Partners. We are among the most selective real estate firms in America. We turn down more agents than we take. Our agents are the only agents licensed in Arizona to implement the 72SOLD Home Selling Program. Our agents go through rigorous sales training to qualify to use this program, making Hague agents some of the most well-trained, knowledgeable and skilled sales professionals in America.
Our support structure is unique in real estate. Every Hague agent has access to a full time team of graphic artists, photographers, videographers, digital and social media experts, negotiation/contract experts, and an attorney. No other real estate firm in Arizona provides this level of support, empowering its agents to market and sell homes at the highest possible level.

America's Leading Home Sale Strategist

Our founder, Greg Hague, was praised by Real Estate Today magazine as a “Real Estate Visionary” after creating an innovative international referral service. He founded the #1 luxury brokerage in Arizona, and previous to that, he started and ran a national firm that quickly grew to 122 offices and 4000 agents.

Greg has served as a real estate commentator for NPR and a real estate expert to the Wall Street Journal, ABC and NBC news shows including Sonoran Living, Arizona Tonight, CBS 5, AZ Midday and Your Life Arizona. He has appeared on over 200 television and radio shows, was featured in Kiplinger’s book, Buying and Selling a Home, Investors’ Business Daily, Money magazine and Carolyn Janik’s book, Selling Your Home. Muhammad Ali himself dubbed Greg the “Muhammad Ali of real estate.” Greg is also an Avvo “Superb” rated attorney.