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We are a boutique real estate firm with a different approach to selling homes. Our home selling formula has been featured in Forbes and over 300 publications worldwide. 

Our home selling process builds buyer demand before homes are allowed to be viewed. This makes buyers more excited to see homes and causes them to make higher offers when they like a home. 

The process we use was initially developed by Apple to generate buyer anticipation and excitement before its products were available for sale. We are the first to import and leverage this concept in selling real estate. 

Greg Hague, our founder, is a real estate attorney, broker, speaker and Huffington Post writer. He is also a leading national trainer on home sale strategy, and the most recommended real estate coach on LinkedIn.  

When it's time to sell, invite us be among the Realtors you interview. We haven't missed selling one home this year...and every Hague client is a happy client! 

Hague Partners Team