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“Hague’s approach identifies virtually every buyer for a home before it’s allowed to be shown, gets them excited, creates fear of loss, an urgency to act, and a motivation to make high offers. Worked for us! Hague sold and closed our home in thirty days.”

Jim & Sherry Packard (January 2019)

home seller testimony

“Cole Cunningham with Hague Partners just sold our home in 72 hours for full list price! This is the real deal!”

Michael Johnson & Donna Atlee (February 2019)

hague partners testimony

Works For Luxury Homes Too

We have become Arizona’s #1 luxury real estate firm, with our upper-end properties selling in a fraction of the MLS average, and at record high prices compared to similar sales.

Whether you own a mid-priced or higher priced home, our 72 Hour home selling program is a watershed improvement over the traditional real estate process. Check out the video of one of our recent (2018) luxury home clients describing how we sold her home in days after her home had sat on the market with another firm for over a year.

Perfect Track Record

We went an entire calendar year with a perfect home selling track record. We did not miss selling one home.

One reason our home selling results exceed those of other firms is our ability to identify virtually every buyer for your home before we allow it to be shown.  This is achieved through the $250,000 patent pending smartphone app we developed that gives buyers a home shopping advantage if they download and sign up for our app.  

This enables us to accumulate a massive database of buyers sorted by price range and area.  That is one of the reasons we can expose your home to so many buyers so fast.

Check Out Our 72 Hour Commercial​

Check out our award winning television commercial promoting our 72 Hour home selling program. It’s been lauded as one of the best real estate commercials in America!

Our creativity in promoting the 72 Hour home selling program is indicative of our advertising skill and ability to market your home at a level unmatched by any other real estate firm.

If you believe superlative marketing is a key to achieving top dollar for your home (it is), give us a call.  We’ll show you many examples of how we set the bar in creative, compelling ads that attract buyers like a magnet.

Our Commercial to Attract Buyers

Check out our fun TV commercial promoting BuyerHunt, the patent-pending app we developed to give buyers a home shopping advantage… while enabling us to build a database of buyers for your home before you even decide to sell. 

We filmed this in the Phoenix community of Arcadia using local talent. The car sequence took a half day to film, and we think you’ll agree the actor and actress nailed it.

This commercial is so effective, it allows us to secure quality buyer prospects for our listings at less than $20 each, likely the lowest cost of any real estate firm in the country. 

Learn How We Sell Homes in 72 Hours.

Our home selling formula has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and 200 publications worldwide.

Perfect Track Record

We didn’t miss selling a home for the entire calendar year, with none of our listings expiring unsold. Very few (if any) real estate firms can say that. Our first sale the following January was a Paradise Valley home that lingered on the market with another firm for 6 months. Within 30 days we generated 32 showings, 4 offers, and a sale very close to the $1,565,000 list price.

How do we generate so many showings? Our 22-Step Home Sale Formula is the gold standard on how to build buyer anticipation, excitement, and demand before a home is placed in MLS or even available to be shown. It’s the most recommended real estate course on LinkedIn, and has received accolades in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Business Wire, and over 220 publications worldwide.

When it’s time to sell, invite us to be among the Realtors you interview.

A Smarter Approach to Advertising

Most brokers require their agents to pay their own marketing expenses. Not at Hague Partners. We pay every nickel to ensure you have the finest of everything with no expense spared to portray your home magnificently. Every Hague home is guaranteed to have the best photography, full-color glossy brochures, powerful print ads (costing $800-$1800 each) and compelling digital ads. 

In addition, we are the only Arizona real estate firm to partner with a network television station to promote our homes on some of the most watched real estate-related TV programs in the state.  We are proud to be the premier real estate partner to ABC 15, running over 100 commercials a month and showcasing our properties live on Sonoran Living, the #1 home show in Arizona.

We Sell Homes Before They're Listed

Most real estate firms list homes first and then try to find a buyer. We do that too, but we also build buyer demand for your home before you decide to sell. We invented the “VIP Inner Circle of Buyers,” enabling home buyers to learn about newly listed homes within minutes of when they’re listed (instead of waiting the typical 2-3 days before they appear in MLS or online). This has enabled us to build a robust database of buyers looking for Arizona homes.  

Time on the market is acid to the price of a home. The longer it lingers, the more buyers presume it’s overpriced (even if it’s not). So we spend a fortune identifying every potential buyer for your home, even those working with other Realtors (we don’t care who buyers work with, we just want to sell your home).  

A Smarter Philosophy About Agents

Many real estate firms boast about how big they are and their number of agents. The “body shop, recruit every agent” philosophy damages our profession and harms home sellers.

It’s different at Hague Partners. We are among the most selective real estate firms in America. We turn down more agents than we take. Hague agents are among the most knowledgeable and skilled sales professionals in America.  

Our support structure is unique in real estate.  Every Hague agent has access to a full time team of graphic artists, photographers, digital and social media experts, negotiation/contract experts, and an attorney.  No other real estate firm in Arizona provides this level of support to help its agents market and sell homes at the highest possible level.  

America's Leading Home Sale Strategist

Our founder, Greg Hague, is celebrating his 50th year in real estate in 2018. He was praised by Real Estate Today magazine as a “Real Estate Visionary” after creating an innovative international referral service.  He founded the #1 luxury brokerage in Arizona, and previous to that, he started and ran a national firm that quickly grew to 122 offices and 4000 agents.

Greg has served as a real estate commentator for NPR and real estate expert to The Wall Street Journal, appeared on over 200 television and radio shows, was featured in Kiplinger’s book, Buying and Selling a Home, Investors’ Business Daily, Money magazine and Carolyn Janik’s book, Selling Your Home. Muhammad Ali himself dubbed Greg the “Muhammad Ali of real estate.” Greg is also an Avvo “Superb” rated attorney.