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The Spiritual Wind Beneath Your Wings

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A friend told me his kids start school this week. Seriously? August? My summer breaks weren’t over until Labor Day. Seems like that was 100 years ago. 

When I mentioned this conversation at the office, one of my remarkable employees, Sonal, suggested that I write this week’s article about the advice parents give kids when they go off to school. 

Sonal asked if I’d like to see the letter she wrote for her daughter. I said sure. 

Wow! It literally brought tears to my eyes. It also inspired me. So with Sonal’s permission, I am sharing it with you. 

Dear Rhea,

Seems like yesterday you were handed to me – a bundle of bones weighing just 7lbs.

Look at you now; the tallest girl in our family at 18 years old. 

The strings of attachment are tugging at my heart, but it’s time for you to fly, so fly you must. 

Here’s my advice: 

I wish your life to be an adventure.  Anything less is a life not lived. 

As your mother, I want you to live safe. But I learned it’s often more dangerous to play it safe. Be smart, but take risks.  

The hard route often has better scenery, and brings better rewards. It will cause you to stumble. Pick yourself up and keep playing the game.

Challenging the status quo is the way to grow. Telling people how you really feel is the way to know who you are. 

DREAM, and dream audaciously. Have ambition. Believe in goodness. But be a badass. 

Desire. Want. Fight. Speak Up. Ask. Take. Fortune favors those who put themselves in the path of luck. 

No one can give your life PURPOSE. That is your responsibility.

I once wanted to be ‘on top’. Then I learned there is no top. There is only where you are today, and how much can you learn as you grow tomorrow.  

The you of yesterday is your best teacher. The you of today is your most worthy competitor. The you of tomorrow is your life’s purpose.  

Listen to the compass of your heart and do the right thing over the easy thing. Even if there’s something to be lost, you’ll sleep better.  

Old-fashioned words like ethics, integrity, hard-work – they never go out 
of fashion for those who believe in a meaningful life. 

I have never thought myself less capable than a man, and neither should you. When you fight battles – fight them as an equal. 

Don’t get dragged into gender wars. Be the best person you can, not the best woman you can.  

Don’t make money the focus of your life, but have enough to make the life choices you want. Money is liberating and a key to freedom.

Family is important, but family is not just built through marriage and children – it grows  through an investment of time and love. 

Your friends are your chosen family. Choose them carefully because like family, they can make or break you. 

Your mind and body are the only ones you’ll have. Keep them fit. Life will not be joyful without good health and a peaceful, happy mind.  

Know that Daddy and I will always be there for you. But your journey must be your own.  

Now go out and fly. Fly with confidence, remembering that your father and I will always be… the spiritual wind beneath your wings. 



“The examples we set for our kids are more important then the rules we set for them.”  

– Leo Babauta

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