How Covid-19 is Affecting Real Estate

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I was fortunate to have one of America’s smartest real estate market predictors as a guest on my weekly national webinar for real estate agents. His name is David Childers,…

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Would You Buy A Home Without Seeing It?

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HAVE YOU? NOT ME!  I’ve been a real estate broker since the 1970s, helping literally thousands of people buy and sell homes. I don’t recall anyone buying a home they planned…

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The American Experiment

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It has been widely publicized and critically characterized as “The Sweden Experiment.” From the beginning, Sweden took a different approach to COVID-19.  It is summarized in this excerpt from a National Review…

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He doesn’t have a CRM, mess with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. He won’t communicate by text or email.Every day he puts on his jeans, pulls on his boots, and goes out in…

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Are We On The Verge Of Martial Law

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This is not about whether we should voluntarily wear face masks, it’s about whether the government has the right to: mandate that businesses close prohibit live church services  force us to stay at home …

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Does Government Have the Right?

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Does government have the right to… … force businesses to close? … mandate churches empty?… make people stay home?  … keep us six feet apart? … require we wear masks? … check our temperatures? … stop…

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Risk-Life Balance

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This is meant to encourage thought, not controversy. I expect it will do both.30% UNEMPLOYMENT... THIS QUARTER?Published in Bloomberg March 19: “Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard predicted the U.S.…

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What Makes Negative So Addictive

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In the last election cycle for governor I was asked to lead the campaign for one of our candidates (not Gov. Ducey).  I am a personal friend of the candidate, so I…

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COVID-19 has forced a lot of businesses to pivot. While it’s not fun and can be stressful, pivoting can result in short and long term benefits for creative companies and their customers.  Instead…

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Problem Solvers

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We have all endured difficult times.  Loss of a loved one. Loss of a limb. Loss of net worth. Loss of direction. Loss of confidence. Loss of self esteem.  “If…

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