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How To Be More Persuasive

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Most of us have products, programs and points of view we believe in, and would like to be effective at convincing others to see that our way is the better way.  

Over the years I developed a way to structure my presentations with four framing techniques that clarify the points, puts them in context, and validates their effectiveness. 

These framing techniques work particularly well when presenting concepts, strategies and processes that you believe will produce a better result for those who use or adopt them.


Say something before each point that makes the other party interested, so they ask you to make the point. This technique opens the listener’s mind and makes them more receptive to the point you want to make. 

For example, I might say to a homebuyer: “You can conveniently view all of our firm’s homes without ever having to leave the comfort of your home because we produce a high-definition, movie quality video showing every room and feature. Would you like to see an example?


This is my favorite framing technique. Start by talking about the way it’s normally done before you explain what you do differently and why it’s better. I call it “taking a position against tradition.” 

For example, “Most real estate firms make you get in your car and drive around to see homes, which is not only time consuming and inconvenient, but it increases the probability you could be exposed to COVID-19. By contrast, you can view movie quality videos of our homes just like you are walking through without ever leaving your home.” 


After you explain what you do differently and why it benefits the other party, ask them to acknowledge that your way is better than the traditional way (used by your competitors). 

For example, “Can you see how being able to view homes from the comfort of your home, instead of driving around and having to walk through homes you might not like, will help you save valuable time and avoid risking your health?” 


Before you move to the next point, provide a statistic, story, or testimonial that proves what you do differently has made a positive difference to the people you serve. 

For example, “This year the Realtors with my firm have been the #1 top producers in the Phoenix metro market (it’s true – average per agent sales – verified MLS stats), in part because we give our buyers and sellers a more convenient and health responsible way to buy and sell homes.” 

Whether you’re asking someone to marry you or wanting them to do business with you, present your case with these four framing techniques and your odds of success will increase.  

– Greg Hague
–Greg Hague, (a better way for home sellers) (a better way for Realtors)

Whatever you have to say, remember: 

“Brief and brilliant beats big and bloated.” 

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