Special Skin

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I didn’t have a dad growing up. My mom and grandma raised me.  But I did have an uncle. He was like a father to me. His name is Greg…

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More Mistakes

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Two weeks ago I wrote about 6 ways to make better decisions and fewer mistakes. This is Part II, with a few more proven techniques to avoid making mistakes you look…

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Talkin’ Turkey

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I love Thanksgiving. No pressure. No presents. Just food, football, family and friends. For 14 straight years I’ve shared Turkey Day trivia in my Thanksgiving week blog. So here it is,…

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We all make mistakes, sometimes obvious ones. Why do smart people (like you and me) make bad decisions? There are proven reasons why we mess up. Below are a few that…

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Daylight Saving Time

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Growing up in Cincinnati, I was all about Daylight Saving Time.  It meant an extra hour of playing with friends before the streetlights came on, which was my signal to…

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The Town That Lived Forever

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Did you ever wonder if there really is a fountain of youth? We all know that if we eat better, exercise more, and eliminate stress, our probability of living longer and…

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Cities Take Control

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Cities across the country are taking control, responding to a surge of citizen concern about the rapid proliferation of non-resident investor owned Airbnb rental operations springing up on quiet streets…

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Why Uber Shouldn’t Exist

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This is an article about a visionary business model that skirted the law, required a new technology, changed the way people travel, and challenged a powerful, state regulated, deeply entrenched…

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The Right To Be Forgotten
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The Right To Be Forgotten

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Should we have the right to force Google to hide negative things about us (true or untrue) from its search results, making it hard for others to find?   Should we…

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Arizona Tonight with Greg Hague

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Talk about fun (and intimidating). Recently, I co-hosted (with Destry Jetton) a primetime special about real estate on NBC, just before Saturday Night Live. I shared some fascinating data about…

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