Risk-Life Balance

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This is meant to encourage thought, not controversy. I expect it will do both.30% UNEMPLOYMENT... THIS QUARTER?Published in Bloomberg March 19: “Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard predicted the U.S.…

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What Makes Negative So Addictive

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In the last election cycle for governor I was asked to lead the campaign for one of our candidates (not Gov. Ducey).  I am a personal friend of the candidate, so I…

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COVID-19 has forced a lot of businesses to pivot. While it’s not fun and can be stressful, pivoting can result in short and long term benefits for creative companies and their customers.  Instead…

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Problem Solvers

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We have all endured difficult times.  Loss of a loved one. Loss of a limb. Loss of net worth. Loss of direction. Loss of confidence. Loss of self esteem.  “If…

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Two Hatted Dad

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Has a brief moment in time ever changed the trajectory of your life?  It happened to Tom Leonard of Richmond, Virginia.  After Tom told me this story, we decided to name it “Two-Hatted Dad.”…

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Finding A Ralph

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One of my favorite quotes is by Imran Khan: "Compromise for your dream but NEVER compromise on your dream."  I am inspired by people who won't compromise, particularly when it…

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Time. Options. Information.

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Negotiation skill can make a multi-thousand dollar difference in crafting better deals. Whether you’re buying or selling cars, homes, anything expensive, knowing what to say (and how to say it)…

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No Plan B

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A few years ago I had the honor to interview legendary race car driver, Mario Andretti. It was for a story in my book, How Fathers Change Lives. Mario may…

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The Girl Next Door

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When I was 12 years old I lived next door to the most beautiful girl in the world... at least my world back then. I had a massive crush on…

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Chubby Rules for 2020

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Though he was skinny like me, my dad’s nickname was Chubby. He was plump as a kid (like me), and the “Chubby” nickname stuck for the rest of his life. …

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