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Did you hear about the man caught flashing the Chapel? To be precise, the Sistine Chapel.  Why would anyone commit such a lascivious act, especially in one of the holiest places on…


Hang On Sloopy

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Some things just keep... hanging on.   The girl (or guy) you asked out to the movie, and end up spending the rest of your life with.    The spunky puppy you saw in…

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I Approve This Message

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Yep, it’s “throw the bum out”  time… another election season.   You see the signs.  You see the attack ads.  I hate it! It's causing me to pay 3X for my TV…

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To Live Is To Do More Than Survive

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“Our strongest emotion is fear, and our strongest fear is fear of the unknown.” In March, our fear was of an unknown. Today, that fear is well known. A problem is a set of facts compounded by emotion. There…

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Creativity Crevice

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Do you know the tale of the lustful loan shark? In a tiny Italian town many years ago a businessman owed a large sum of money to a lustful loan-shark. This…

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Mental Gremlins

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My dad (Chubby) didn’t start life with advantages (like he gave me). His dad died when he was young, and he was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs…

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Tricks To Make It Stick

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It's late at night.  You're in bed.  Then it hits you - “Dang!  I forgot to put the trash can out for morning pick up!”  You could do it in the morning before work,…

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I can't remember a time when so many well meaning people were in such passionate disagreement about so many things:  • Facemasks for all?• Shelter in place again? • Businesses closed?• Schools open?  •…

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Trust In Uncertainty

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Sonal is one of my firm’s vice presidents. While I “trust” all of my employees, Sonal is exceptional. With Sonal, nothing slips between the cracks. If she says it will happen, it does. You…

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