Hague Corporate Headshots

Sierra Richard

Sierra did a lot of moving between her birthplace, Wichita, Kansas and Cottonwood, Arizona while growing up. It wasn’t until 7th grade she fully settled in the small town Fountain Hills, Arizona and was able to graduate from her local high school. Sierra has a very strong passion for animals and children, she looks forward to being able to create her own family one day and having her own mini farm full of animals! She loves making the best out of any moment and always strives for the positive in life.

Your first job?

Server at an assisted living home

Favorite hobby?


Your favorite quote?

Be Somebody who makes Everybody feel like a Somebody - Brad Montague

Your passions?

Animals, children, and being kind

Favorite vacation spot?


Your perfect day?

Surrounded by lots and lots of dogs

Favorite charitable cause?

Helping Hands- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Favorite Movie?

I usually don't get passionate about movies, but most recently we watched a Marvel movie called "Shang Chi". It was so good, we watched it twice!

Favorite Book?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad