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Randy Cooney

Nearly an AZ native given I spent every birthday in Arizona. However, was born in Washington DC and within six months, moved to Arizona via Mom & Dad and their station wagon. My parents, given their religion, took directions from the Vatican, and created a boatload of children. I am a graduate St. Theresa’s, Brophy, St John’s University and ASU. I was originally destined to become a priest, until a woman complicated Mom’s hope for my life. My first ‘career’ occupation was youth minister which I did for nearly fifteen years until acquiring my real estate license to supplement my income. I am a father of three grown children and the grandfather of seven beautiful grandchildren. I am a fan of anything outdoors and can play nearly any sport which require shoes versus skis or skates. I most enjoy teaching, hiking and writing. I have authored and published three books and the newest one, based on my age and life experiences, is entitled “The Gift of 65”.

Your first job?

Cleaning Pools

Your perfect day?

A Healthy Day

Favorite charitable cause?

Anything assisting single Moms

Your passions?

hiking & writing

Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere in woods with 76 degrees

Favorite Movie?

Fried Green Tomatoes

Your favorite quote?

At the time of our particular sunset, our thing our accomplishments won't really matter a great deal. However the care and clarity we have touched one another will speak with vitality of the great gift of life we have been for one another.

Favorite Book?

The Operator by Rob Oneil

Favorite hobby?