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Marissa Wright

Marissa was born in Fort Myers, Florida. She grew up going on family trips to Disney World and the beach. In 2020, she graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. After college, she moved to Phoenix for career opportunities. She misses her family in Florida, but not the humidity. Marissa has three small dogs that she loves to train, snuggle, and take on hikes. She has dreams of starting a family someday and is excited to see what the future holds.

Favorite Movie?

First Wives Club

Your perfect day?

Hiking with my dogs on a beautiful day and then taking a nap.

Favorite vacation spot?

I love visiting Englewood Beach in Florida. My family has made an annual summer trip to that beach for 40 years. My favorite part of the vacation is fishing with my family.

Your passions?

Dogs, music, and art

Favorite hobby?

Geocaching, cooking, crafting, painting, growing houseplants, learning to play the guitar, and cooking

Your first job?

Men's Wearhouse, styling wedding attire

Favorite Book?

The Alchemist

Favorite charitable cause?

Lost our Home Pet Rescue

Your favorite quote?

The world is set up for you to succeed, now get out of your own way.