Hague Corporate Headshots

Jay Stohl

Jay was raised in Minnesota and graduated from St.Cloud State with a degree in Education, specializing in teaching Spanish. With his ability to speak another language he traveled to 11 Spanish speaking countries and lived in Costa Rica while attending the University of Costa Rica. Jay is also a 5th degree black belt in Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan. He quickly found his passion for engaging and motivating others during his time owning a karate studio and excelling in the customer service industry. Using the skills he has developed through his service orientated career he found himself with an opportunity in real estate in 2017. During his 4 year tenure in the industry he has been top 20% of sales and held multiple top rankings for sales within a team. Jay has transitioned to Arizona to bring his expertise and ability to provide a customer centered approach to those he serves.

Your perfect day?

Relaxing on a sandy beach in South America

Your first job?

Rainbow Foods

Favorite charitable cause?

Haven for Heroes

Favorite vacation spot?

Costa Rica

Favorite Movie?

Road House

Your favorite quote?

How much can you take and keep moving forward.

Favorite hobby?


Your passions?


Favorite Book?

Shoe Dog