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Jake Augeri

Jake grew up as a part of a military family where his family went through the process of buying, selling, and moving every few years. As such, he has a deep understanding of the nuances that go into the process of relocation, whether that’s in-state or out-of-state. After graduating from college and obtaining his master’s degree, Jake has settled into becoming a local real estate expert in a large suburb of the Phoenix Metro area.

He is married, has two kids, and one giant black-lab fur-baby named Cooper.

Jake’s hobbies include looking at homes, reading, baking sourdough bread, and roasting coffee

Your perfect day?

Jakes favorite day would involve sleeping in, going to a bookstore, drinking delicious coffee, and sitting in the cafe for hours on end.

Favorite vacation spot?

Jake and his wife have an awesome vacation spot they go to in Oceanside every year.

Your passions?

Jake is passionate about helping and serving others. He believes that part of why we exist is to be blessing to other people.

Favorite Movie?

Jake's favorite movie is and forever will be 'Batman: The Dark Knight'

Favorite hobby?

Jake loves read and learn new things.

Your first job?

Jake's first job was as a soccer referee in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Your favorite quote?

If it challenges you, you're changing..

Favorite charitable cause?

Best buddies

Favorite Book?

A great mystery or thriller.. Anything by John Saul