Hague Corporate Headshots

Gayla Brown

2nd generation residents of the Del Webb communities.  My parents retired here at the age of 50 and lived a wonderful life. My husband and I are “living the dream” now and enjoy welcoming others into our communities and helping our friends sell their homes when the time comes.   Recreational activities include playing golf, Mah Jongg and other cards games, and socializing with friends and neighbors. My previous career consisted of listening to people, so I am hard-wired to listen to your comments.  I don’t as much because we don’t want to leave dog, Sasha.

Your favorite quote?

Shoot for the moon. If you fall short, you still end up among the stars.

Your passions?

Learning life lessons

Your first job?

Clerk at TG&Y

Favorite charitable cause?

West Valley Food Bank and any animal rescues

Your perfect day?

Relaxing with friends and/or family

Favorite vacation spot?


Favorite Movie?

Deadpool, Ironman, The Kingdom of Heaven, and The Hobbit Trilogy

Favorite hobby?

Strength training

Favorite Book?

It is hard to pick just one, so here are 2 series that I really enjoy, each containing 20+ books. R. A. Salvatore's The Legends of Drizzt Series and David Weber's Honor Harrington Series.