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Garilynn Rapp

As a real estate professional in the state of Arizona, Garilynn values the trust clients put in her to find their dream home, in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Garilynn has had a passion for the industry since working with an investment real estate firm that provided turn-key income properties to savvy real estate investors all over the country. She is blessed to be a part of John Hrimnack’s team, The Affinity Home Group, with Hague Partners, 72 Sold. Prior to real estate, Garilynn worked in retail management for a fortune 500 Company for 15 years. Learning to become an effective leader, with results oriented performance. Originally from Montana, Garilynn has lived in Missouri and Puerto Rico before making Arizona home.

Favorite vacation spot?

Panama City Beach, FL

Your passions?


Favorite charitable cause?

rescuing animals

Your passions?


Your perfect day?

on the beach

Your first job?

scrubbing kitchen floors