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Trust In Uncertainty

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Sonal is one of my firm’s vice presidents. While I “trust” all of my employees, Sonal is exceptional. 
With Sonal, nothing slips between the cracks. If she says it will happen, it does. You can 100% trust in that. 
If Sonal sees something that doesn’t look right, she’ll drive us nuts until it’s made right… or we convince her that it is right. You can 100% trust in that. 
When it comes to transparency, Sonal is like a picture window. She says what she thinks with NO filter. You can 100% trust in that. 
At no time in my lifetime have I seen so much uncertainty around me, and so much need for people we can 100% trust. 
Business owners worry
about staying in business. 
Working people worry
about keeping their job. 
Furloughed employees worry about getting their job back.
Laid off employees worry
 about finding a job, any job. 
Governors worry that they may have to shut down again. 
Most of us worry about
how we look in face masks. 
All of us worry about contracting COVID. 
When so many feel so uncertain about their future, we need leadership we can trust…. across the board, in business, medicine, politics and friendship. 
I used to think being trusted was as simple as being honest and truthful. Then I became friends with David Horsager, author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Trust Edge
As a college professor, David devoted years to studying how we gain or lose the trust of others. He identified 8 ways we can become more or less trusted. He calls them “The 8 Pillars of Trust.” 
David’s research on The 8 Pillars of Trust received so much positive press that he was invited to speak before the U.S. Congress. No doubt they need his advice. 

CLARITY – People trust those who are clear and mistrust those who are ambiguous.
COMPASSION – People trust those who give of themselves to help others when they’re down.
CHARACTER – People trust those who choose the right path over the easy or most profitable path.
COMPETENCY – People trust those who take the time to thoroughly learn what they profess to know.
COMMITMENT – People trust those who do what they say and say what they think without hidden agendas. 
CONNECTIONS – People trust those who have friends, followers, co-workers, and others who trust them.
CONTRIBUTION – People trust those who consistently deliver results rather than delays and excuses.
CONSISTENCY – People trust those who do as expected and don’t expect what is unreasonable.
As COVID cases climb and uncertainty causes so many to lose sleep, we need people who say what they think and do what they say with a transparent agenda. 
We need people who are clear, competent, committed, and consistent. We need people who have impeccable character, great compassion, contribute unselfishly, and are surrounded by people who trust them. 
It’s okay to have an agenda, just don’t hide it from me. While I don’t always agree with Sonal, I know she will get in my face instead of maneuvering behind my back. 
In today’s uncertain times, America needs leaders who exemplify The 8 Pillars of Trust. 
We desperately need people we can trust in uncertainty… like Sonal. 

– Greg Hague
–Greg Hague, (a better way for home sellers) (a better way for Realtors)

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

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