Can You Secretly Record Conversations

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So, when can you secretly record conversations? It’s happened to us all. We distinctly remember an important conversation, however, the other party remembers the conversation entirely differently. When can you…

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What’s Your Story?

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“Those who tell stories, rule the world.”-PlatoMy friend Megan recently told me a story about a difficult former boss, Gary. She explained that he sought constant reinforcement, seemed insecure about…

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The Power of Fear

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Fear is your mind fast-forwarding to an event you see turning badly… it’s not really real. The key to defeating fear is reprogramming your mind to see things going spectacularly.In…

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The $3.4 Billion Sentence

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Did you ever have something incidental become monumental?It happened to me, thanks to my son. One single sentence. Just nine words. When I first heard it, I didn’t perceive it…

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