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Most Inspiring Story for Mother’s Day

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Sunday is Mother’s Day (don’t forget).  So I thought I’d share the most inspiring “mom” story I know. It’s sad but joyful, inspiring yet tragic.

What makes this the most inspiring story for Mother’s Day? 

The magic of this story is how it’s portrayed on video. I tried to write it, but I couldn’t do it justice.  Instead, I’m sharing with you a link to the video below. 

The video is not “professional.” It’s only four minutes in length, shot on a smartphone by two college co-eds. You will be glued to the screen!

After seeing the video I contacted Chloe Veron, one of the daughters who produced it. I just had to get to know her! At the time she was an undergraduate at Harvard. Now she’s an attorney in California.

Are you ready to be happy, sad, inspired and grateful? See this remarkable video below, and have a Kleenex in hand. You’ll need it. Happy Mother’s Day.