Hague Corporate Headshots

Thomas Barry

Thomas has had a real estate license in the State of Arizona since 1996. Growing up in New Jersey, upon graduation from college, Thomas had two goals: the first was to move West to sunny Arizona and the second was to invest in real estate. Thomas achieved both those goals very quickly upon arriving in Arizona. Through the years Thomas has taken that same drive, his years of exposure to real estate and uses that experience to help his clients achieve their goals of selling a buying real estate. His moto is always “My goal is to achieve your goals” as you will often hear him saying.

Thomas is a married father of three boys and the family has two dogs. When not working, you can usually find Thomas at some sporting event for one of his boys or hiking the mountains with his dogs.

Favorite hobby?

Running, Hiking and anything outdoors

Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere with a beach

Favorite Book?

The Traveler's Gift

Your favorite quote?

"Don't just wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it"

Favorite charitable cause?

Arizona Children's Association

Favorite Movie?

Weekend at Bernie's

Your passions?

Real Estate and Entrepreneurship

Your first job?

Picking rock on a farm in Minnesota

Your perfect day?

Any sunny day under 90 degrees in AZ