Hague Corporate Headshots

Taylor Magnuson

I grew up in Minnesota, however, going on my 8th year in Arizona, I find a new reason each day to call this state home. While attending Grand Canyon University I played Baseball for the Lopes’, earned my undergraduate degree in Marketing & Entrepreneurship, as well as my Master’s degree with an emphasis in Project Management. I am extremely passionate about creating new relationships and serving people to the best of my ability. Having a background in entrepreneurism, finance, and real estate has positioned me well to effectively navigate a real estate transaction, and to educate my clients throughout the process. Outside of the office, I am an avid outdoor adventurer, golf, hiking, wake surfing, sports, and weight lifting are a few activities that I really enjoy and keep me active.

Your favorite quote?

No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.

Your first job?

Managing a Paddle Board shop that my brother and I had started in 2011. He identified a niche market and had brought the activity from Hawaii to the land of 10,000 lakes and the activity caught on like wild fire! That experience is much of the reason I am so passionate about entrepreneurism.

Your perfect day?

My perfect day, is one filled with new experiences. I love to travel, try new food, do new activities, so preferably an active day filled with awesome scenery, great food, and great friends.

Your passions?

People are my passion. I don't believe there is anything more enriching in life than to learn about a person. Creating connections and experiences based off of relationships is ultimately what’s drives to me truly live my life.

Favorite hobby?

I have too many hobbies, but if I had to choose a few it would be wake surfing, hiking, and golfing.

Favorite vacation spot?

Probably places that I haven't been yet haha but look incredible to visit! New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Iceland…just to name a few!