Taylor Lucido

Hi Everyone! My name is Taylor. I was born in California (Bay Area). I moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University. I studied Business and Nursing. Shortly after graduating I started working in medical research where I worked on studying the covid vaccine. A few years later I explored my passion for  real estate and now I am loving learning and growing with Hague Partners everyday. I love having friends over for cheese and wine nights and spending time with loved ones.

Your first job?

Waitress at small town Diner

Favorite Movie?


Favorite vacation spot?


Your perfect day?

Tubing behind a fast boat while laughing with my friends

Your passions?

Ford Vs Ferrari One day I would love to open a small winery where we bottle a few hundred bottle of wine a year and focus on wine tasting and wine tours!

Favorite charitable cause?

Skate After School- I have volunteered with this organization for several years where they bring skateboards, helmets, ramps, and coaches and teach underprivileged children how to skate.