Hague Corporate Headshots

Stephanie Wosmek

Stephanie moved to Arizona from Minnesota in the spring of 2008, and has 3 beautiful daughters ages 8, 11 and 22.  Stephanie is an avid trail runner and loves hitting weights in the gym! Having a busy schedule with three daughters, her new baby Chihuahua Nacho, work and her health, Stephanie believes it is important to keep on a disciplined schedule! Running/lifting provide her the physical and mental strength needed to be at her best! Stephanie has been in the Real Estate and Mortgage industry for the better part of 20 years. She is extremely passionate about the Real Estate market as a whole, researching the market trends and how this affects the consumer. Since obtaining her Arizona Real Estate License in February 2020 she spent the first 2 years in the wholesale sector. Recently she joined our team at 72Sold because it aligned with her vision of where the market is going, starting with putting the consumer first!

Your favorite quote?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear!

Your passions?

Health/Fitness & Studying the Real Estate Market as a whole!

Favorite Book?

I love to read and have many favorites… but The Happiness Project & The Secret are two I often come back to and re-read!

Your first job?

I was 15 bagging groceries at Byerlys in MN

Favorite Movie?

Under the Tuscan Sun & War Dogs

Favorite hobby?

Trail Running, working out and restoring older furniture!

Favorite vacation spot?

I've been to so many places in my life. This is hard. I love the Black Hills, Hawaii, Cancun, New York City, Wisconsin Dells, Sedona, and any road trip that Gavin and I are on. My favorite vacation would have to be the one that Gavin asked me to be his wife. That was a road trip where we didn't have any set plans or destination. We just went where our hearts lead us.

Your perfect day?

My perfect day is one without any plans or agenda. The best days I've had with my husband have been the ones where we wake up and decide to just get in the car and go somewhere for a few days. It could lead us to the mountains, the beach, a little rental somewhere totally unexpected and it's all great fun.

Favorite charitable cause?

Phoenix Zoo