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Nicole Mejia

Nicole is passionate about helping the community around her, she has done it since a very young age. She is thrilled to be helping families achieve their real estate goals! She is happy to be a team with her husband, Fernando, who has been on the business for a couple of very successful years. After 8 years of marriage, two girls, one dog and 3 residences, they are living the dream here in The Valley! She is bilingual, loves to read a good hike and travel!

Your perfect day?

Starting with delicious breakfast + coffee and plenty of quality time with my family.

Your first job?

Owned a bakery business

Favorite charitable cause?

Kids who need resources to study.

Favorite hobby?


Favorite vacation spot?

Los Cabos

Favorite Book?

Any book from the author Max Lucado

Favorite Movie?


Your favorite quote?

"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." - Plato

Your passions?

Helping others and making their day