Hague Corporate Headshots

Neal Greene

Prior to moving to The Valley in 2017, Neal sold Real Estate in Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland for many years, with the majority of his transactions taking place between 2010 and 2017. With his team, Neal closed an average of approximately 6 listing transactions per month. Prior to working in Real Estate, Neal worked in banking and restaurants, giving him the client focus that has resonated with him throughout his career. Neal has the experience of listening to the needs and wants of a client, coupled with the understanding of the complete Real Estate transaction.

Favorite charitable cause?

Any animal charity. I used to volunteer at the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Your first job?

My first job was McDonalds. I hated mopping floors, so my second job was at Fotomat, where the floor was small.

Your favorite quote?

Today is Unique. Don't waste it. I read that in a fortune cookie, but it made me realize the value of each day.

Your favorite quote?

My second favorite quote is "These are the good old days." They really are. One day we will look back and reminisce about our lives now.

Favorite vacation spot?

Probably Palm Springs, Provincetown, or Fort Lauderdale. I can relax much more on vacation than when I am at home.

Favorite hobby?

I lack hobbies, but I do enjoy hiking and dominos. Not the pizza, but for a chain, their pizza is pretty good!