Hague Corporate Headshots

Melanie Weinstein

Melanie is one of those rare Arizona natives. She was born and raised in Queen Creek and still resides there today. While growing up she learned the values of hard work, responsibility and true grit. She was raised around animals on what most people would call a farm. After graduating from High School, she spread her wings and did internships out of state in Colorado and Kentucky. This is where she learned the independence and self drive to be successful at anything. Upon returning home with a Bachelors of Biology she embarked on the journey of teaching the young minds of the world. Science was her love and she was able to pass on her passion to her high school students. As a teacher she learned compassion. With a rare skillset in front of her, she decided on a career that would allow her to grow, but also serve others. The joy of giving someone their dream is what drives her to fight every day for her clients. After 5 years in the business she has not lost the passion or the joy.

Favorite vacation spot?

The mountains or anywhere with pine trees.

Favorite Movie?

The Notebook

Favorite hobby?

Horseback Riding

Your perfect day?

Hanging out with my daughter.

Your passions?

Serving others

Your first job?