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Marissa Boardman

Originally from New York, Marissa moved to Phoenix in 2005 to earn a BA degree in Psychology from Arizona State University. She worked in a corporate setting for several years, but when Covid-19 hit in spring 2020, she saw an opportunity to transition into a job she’s always hoped to excel at, Real Estate. After receiving her license she has gone on to help many families around the valley list, buy and invest in new opportunities. Marissa has always known her calling was in helping others, be it through her time spent volunteering with rescue pets, or helping her clients achieve their dreams. In her free time Marissa enjoys travel, kayaking, reading, and relaxing at home with her husband, their two daughters and two rescue dogs.

Favorite hobby?

I love to kayak and so do the pups! I often take them with me on the lake and they love to chase the birds and fish! listening to the sounds of nature reminds me to slow down a little.

Your first job?

when I turned 14 I worked at our local library, shelving returned library books.

Favorite vacation spot?

It's so hard to pick, but my favorite city to date that I've visited is Barcelona. I love that the city has so much culture, architecture and history, and it is also so close to beautiful beaches and vineyards.

Your perfect day?

Spending the day lazing around with my family. Ideally by the pool, with a tropical drink in one hand while I judge my kids cannonball and handstand contests.

Your favorite quote?

“Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky."

Favorite charitable cause?

Any cause that is dedicated to helping abused, injured or abandoned animals. I've worked with several to rehabilitate and place rescues into safe foster homes dedicated to finding them their forever homes! I work with the AZ Husky Rescue, headed by my wonderful friend Alison. They are always looking for fosters and adopting families for their beautiful pups.