Lobna Hanoneh

Lobna Hanoneh

Lobna Hanoneh is a seasoned real estate professional whose dedication to her clients and passion for her community guides her every step. Residing in Arizona for over 25 years, Lobna has developed a deep appreciation for the beautiful landscape and the people who call the state home. In her career, she is blessed with the opportunity to help clients through the process of building their dreams. With a deep understanding of the real estate world in both buying and selling, Lobna quickly connects with clients, identifies their unique needs, and develops strategies that yield the best results. She is an advocate for her clients, always prepared to aggressively represent them in the pursuit of their real estate goals. When she is not working, Lobna enjoys spending time with her son and can often be found hiking, exploring, and seeking out new adventures.

Favorite charitable cause?

Children well-being

Your perfect day?

Nice Arizona weather day spent out and out exploring with loved ones.

Favorite hobby?

Exploring our beautiful state outdoors.

Favorite Movie?

John Wick #1

Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere in AZ!

Your passions?

Continually striving to live my best life.