Hague Corporate Headshots

Khrystynia (Kay) May

I’m Khrystynia but I go by Kay (or simply “K”). I’m a REALTOR and Launch Manager with the Wilder Group. I have a background in hospitality spanning over 12+ years, including 5 years of Front Desk Management and Owner Services Management in interval resort ownership. Obtaining my real estate license was a natural flow for my areas of expertise coupled with my knowledge of Arizona. I was born and raised right here in the Phoenix area. I’ve watched cities build from the ground up, witnessed neighborhoods re-invent themselves, and helped fill houses with new memories. Outside of the world of real estate I have a wonderful family, a degree in anthropology and a house full of animals. I enjoy hiking, cooking, and all things Arizona.

Your favorite quote?

Nothing happens if nothing happens

Favorite hobby?

Cooking, personal IG is only food creations

Favorite vacation spot?


Your passions?

Traveling, camping, hiking, cooking, and of course my family

Favorite charitable cause?

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Favorite Movie?

The Fourth Kind, I love horror movies