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Kaitlynn Lemos

Kaitlynn started Real Estate in January 2021 at the height of the real estate market. She had to learn a lot in a short time but this has only made her a better real estate agent. Starting off her career in a competitive market like today has allowed Kaitlynn to adapt quickly to what is expected from clients, buyer or seller. Kaitlynn was raised in Oakhurst California, outside of Yosemite National Park. She is familiar with heavily trafficked tourist towns and how this can affect the housing market. Towns like Flagstaff are very popular for folks looking to get out of the city or move out of state. Kaitlynn can relate to families that are relocating out of state. For 5 years, her family has lived in and explored Flagstaff. This has been the best decision for them and it has stolen their hearts.

Your first job?


Your perfect day?

My family and I love the snow! We have a hill outside our home where we take the sleds and hot chocolate to stay warm. However we also enjoy hiking and in the fall, it's the best time to do that! Snowbowl in the fall is the most beautiful hike.

Favorite vacation spot?

My family and I love to camp! We absolutely love camping at a common spot known as Edge of the World located in Flagstaff off Woody Mountain Road. If you venture this way, you will need a 4-Wheel Drive. It is a long road to the most beautiful view

Favorite charitable cause?

Marley's Mutts is an animal rescue located in Tehachapi CA. Our family pets are all rescues and loved. Marleys Mutt's rescues and lets the animal live a full happy life. My family heavily advocates for rescue animals. Our local rescue Coconino County Shelter is where our pets are from. CCS is a no kill shelter.

Favorite Movie?

Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart are my Fiance and I's favorite movie! We can watch this movie over and over and it still kills us.

Favorite Book?

I can not put a good book down, It will be finished in 2-3 days. I enjoy Mystery/Romantic Novels. Every other week, I meet with a book club made up of local Flagstaff teachers/friends and we discuss our last book and choose the theme of our new book. Once we choose the theme of our new book we all quickly research books and create a short presentation and vote for which book sounds the most interesting!

Your passions?

Seeing my Grand kids and enjoying my cabin with them

Favorite hobby?


Your favorite quote?

"There are no traffic jams along the extra mile" - Roger Stauchbach