Hague Corporate Headshots

Jose Salcido

Jose is a native of the desert having being born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. He spent his high school career fine-tuning his public speaking through the JSA program becoming the state chairman by the end of his tenure. After graduation he proceeded to move into the medical field, spending the first three years after graduation as a medical assistant in his hometown. In pursuit of greater opportunity, he moved to central Phoenix in the summer of 2019 and moved into plastic surgery, reinforcing his professionalism and customer service skills. After being introduced to the real estate industry by a family friend, he quickly realized that between his passion for interior design and his desire to help people that real estate was a field for him. He currently resides in Central Phoenix and enjoys spending his free time visiting his local community garden with his pup, Kimchi.

Your perfect day?

Hiking with good company

Favorite Book?

Medical assistant

Favorite Book?


Favorite charitable cause?

New Pathways for Youth

Favorite Movie?

Into The Wild

Your passions?

Gardening and music