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Jorge H. Mejia

He was born in Phoenix Arizona but raised in Hermosillo Son. México. He has been married for four years and he and his wife currently reside in Peoria Az. Jorge was raised with christian values. He learned to play the piano when he was 7 years old. He was always passionate about music and recorded his first instrumental album at the age of 12. Since then, he was always around recording studios, making music productions for a lot of projects as well as traveling all over the world with well renowned christian singers. He is a very empathetic person and he loves having friends of all ages. He enjoys listening to people and their stories. He likes to challenge himself in many ways and he is always ready to help people in every way he can. He is a sincere person and always cares about the others. He always maintain great relationships with all of the members of his family and he is always trying to enjoy the moments and make people laugh as much as he can.

Your first job?

Car washer

Your passions?


Favorite Movie?


Your perfect day?

Rainy day, watching movies with my wife

Favorite vacation spot?

Cancún México

Favorite hobby?


Favorite charitable cause?

Aris Foundation

Your favorite quote?

Making it a win win for all parties

Favorite Book?

The Notebook