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Jody Bicondoa

Jody is an energetic and efficient professional who prides herself in not only superb communication, but also making sure her clients have the best care and consideration. Jody is a concierge agent with a background in all things customer-based. When Jody isn’t serving her clients, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her two kids, Taylor and Tyler as well as her husband, Ryan.

Your perfect day?

Any Dateline show with complete silence! Also, a day at the beach isn't too bad.

Favorite Movie?

The Lovely Bones

Your favorite quote?

If it challenges you, you're changing..

Favorite Book?

A great mystery or thriller.. Anything by John Saul

Favorite hobby?

Skating, anything outdoors, walking.

Your first job?

Bojangles in North Carolina

Your passions?

Family, food and traveling

Favorite charitable cause?

Best buddies

Favorite vacation spot?

On a Beach somewhere with family