Hague Corporate Headshots

Gina Dwyer

My name is Gina Dwyer, I have been a resident of Arizona for over 25 years. My husband and I live in East Mesa and we have two beautiful grown daughters. We have two dogs that we are currently servants to and they rule the house. I have been able to see Arizona grow in so so many amazing ways from the housing to the landscape and even the growth of a business. I love exploring and anything outdoors. I am a part of an amazing mountain bike local group and lead riders and also we do a lot of community help and also I volunteer for trail work long the Hawes trail system here in the east valley. I always love meeting new people and finding a conversation with a stranger is a favorite past time haha. Never a dull moment around our house. The busier my day is the happier I am. I love home decor and home showings have always had a passion for an eye for a good house. They say your home tells not only stores about it but is where your heart is happy.

Your favorite quote?

Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Favorite vacation spot?

Telluride CO.

Favorite vacation spot?

Mountain Biking

Your first job?

Five Mile Heights pizza in Spokane Washington

Your passions?

Strive to be and do better everyday. Love exercise and anything outdoors I have a love relationship with.

Favorite Movie?

Pretty Woman