Hague Corporate Headshots

Gavin Dewey

Gavin was lucky to grow on both coasts of the U.S. because his dad was in the Navy and then a Pan Am Pilot. Gavin’s honest-to-a-fault demeanor has made him the perfect advisor for highly successful people from C-suite executives to Olympic athletes. When Gavin is not working he is planning an awesome family road trip adventure to a national park. He enjoys fishing, playing with his 3 boys, rafting, skiing swimming, and pick-up basketball, and keeping up his college-level football kicking skills.

Your perfect day?

Today. Tomorrow is the future, yesterday is the past. Today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.

Your first job?

Camp counselor Mateo Day camp

Your favorite quote?

History doesn’t repeat, but it does Rhyme.

Favorite vacation spot?

Zion NP in the fall

Favorite Movie?

Charm School

Favorite Book?

Charm School