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Eddie Rosano

Eddie is an Arizona native, that was born and raised in Tucson. He spent most of his early years working laborious jobs and learning the trades. This is when he met the love of his life, Kayla. After 10 long years together, they decided to get married. Through the purchase and sale of their first property, they paid for their dream wedding and put a downpayment on their new home! Eddie quickly realized the financial opportunity, that lies within Real Estate. This sparked his career, as a Realtor and he has never looked back! Since then, he has devoted his time to helping people open new doors in their lives and creating close relationships along the way. He enjoys living life outdoors, spending time with his family and investing in Real Estate.

Favorite hobby?


Your passions?

Experiencing life to the fullest

Your favorite quote?

"Don't just go through it, GROW through it"

Favorite Book?

Think and Grow Rich

Favorite vacation spot?

Sedona, AZ

Your first job?

Car wash

Your perfect day?

My family and I love the snow! We have a hill outside our home where we take the sleds and hot chocolate to stay warm. However we also enjoy hiking and in the fall, it's the best time to do that! Snowbowl in the fall is the most beautiful hike.

Favorite charitable cause?

Marley's Mutts is an animal rescue located in Tehachapi CA. Our family pets are all rescues and loved. Marleys Mutt's rescues and lets the animal live a full happy life. My family heavily advocates for rescue animals. Our local rescue Coconino County Shelter is where our pets are from. CCS is a no kill shelter.

Favorite Movie?

Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart are my Fiance and I's favorite movie! We can watch this movie over and over and it still kills us.