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Donald Puddy

Donald was raised in Washington State and became an “Arizonan” after earning an architectural degree from the University of Southern California. The first 26 years in Phoenix were focused on the construction industry, where he became an executive with one of the most prominent firms in the state. Since 2013 he has been a full-time real estate agent in Nicaragua and Phoenix/ Scottsdale. As an experienced lifelong problem solver and effective communicator, Donald ensures that clients experience a predictable and smooth real estate transaction by being proactive and paying attention to both the overall strategy and the associated details to ensure success. In addition to the satisfaction that he gets from assisting clients and making dreams come true, Donald loves global travel. hiking and residential renovation.


Your perfect day?

Backyard BBQ/ swimming party with my kids and grandkids

Favorite Movie?

The Big Lebowski

Favorite vacation spot?

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Your first job?


Your favorite quote?

The only impossible journey is one you never begin.

Favorite Movie?

Atlas Shrugged