Debra Kaye

Debra Kaye

 Debra is originally from Michigan and loves living in the Valley of the Sun! With over twenty years as a corporate Scientist in the Valley, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and is the founder of a Biography Business. Debra has three creative children, and two of the coolest pets. And maybe a cool brother?
I love homes, and helping people find their perfect one. It is all about what YOU need.

Your favorite quote?

No Matter where you go, There you are

Favorite vacation spot?

Crown King

Favorite Book?

Odyssey, Homer translation by Emily Wilson

Your first job?

Hardee's in Michigan

Favorite Movie?

MIB (Men in Black)

Your perfect day?

Up the 101 in Scottsdale, I go north to the lake on a long fun drive OR stay east and end up at HQ at sunrise

Favorite hobby?

Working out

Favorite charitable cause?

Phoenix zoo

Your passions?

Helping people, making people smile and laugh, cooking and food