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Chuck Kaye

 Chuck brought some self and customer service. After working in construction and the national parks for 15 years he decided to pursue his lifelong love of real estate.
His vast experience is in extensive new home sales with over 12 years and six communities, as well as doing resell real estate for 10 years. He likes to volunteer at the Phoenix zoo and has since 2011 & he also likes spending time with his wife of 29 years and dog and cat. Chuck likes to treat everybody like a somebody!

Favorite charitable cause?

Phoenix zoo

Favorite hobby?


Your favorite quote?

Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country.

Favorite Book?

Tom Sawyer

Favorite Movie?


Your perfect day?

Waking up and doing real estate for fun

Your first job?

Worked construction for my Dad

Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere by the ocean

Your passions?

Helping people, making people smile and laugh, cooking and food