Hague Corporate Headshots

Art Thompson

Originally from Razorback County, for the past 25 years I’ve called Arizona home. I tell whoever will listen once you live in Arizona, it’s next to impossible to leave. Arizona is a state that allows you to make your own success. My wife Martha and I started an airport transportation service, Anthem Shuttle, 10 years ago. I’m confident in saying Anthem Shuttle has the best Google reviews from our clients/passengers than any of our competitors. Passengers have come to depend on our service, and we do not let them down. I bring that same level of service to my career as a real estate agent. After driving the street of Maricopa County for 10 plus years, very few people know the valley as I do and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you. Whether it’s to sell your home or buy a new one, once you open your home to me and 72SOLD Affiliate Hague Partners, you’ll understand and agree we offer the best marketing strategy for getting you the highest price for your home.

Your passions?

Taking beginner golfers from agony to actually being able to enjoy a round of golf.

Favorite vacation spot?

Panama City Beach FL.

Favorite hobby?


Favorite Movie?


Your perfect day?

Cool crisp morning walk with my bride and our two pups. Providing a necessary service to my clients. Honestly everyday in Arizona is next to perfect.

Your favorite quote?

"A good man is kinder to his enemy than bad men to their friends." -Joseph Hall