Sell your home in 72 hours

at full market value

Find out what our cash buyers will pay for your home. 

Three simple steps


Tell us about your home

Answer a few quick questions about your home and timeline.

Choose a showing weekend

Choose a weekend we can show your home to our buyers.


Evaluate your offers

Accept, reject or negotiate any of the offers we bring you on Monday. 

“We have developed a patent-pending way to identify virtually every buyer for your home before we even allow it to be seen. Then, we schedule showings 30 minutes apart, all compressed into a weekend. This creates a competitive environment and sense of urgency that motivates buyers to act now and make higher offers. Our home selling formula is so good, it’s been featured in Forbes and over 200 publications worldwide.”

Greg Hague, Founder/CEO, 72Sold

“We sold our Scottsdale home for $750,000 with multiple offers, $5000 over asking price.”

“We sold our Phoenix home at full price ($418,000) in one weekend.”

“We had 32 showings, three offers, and a cash sale at a great price on our Paradise Valley home.”

Now you have an option!

The traditional home sale process relies on time and hope. Our 72-Hour Program gives you more immediacy and certainty.

The Traditional Process

  • Long commitment
  • No urgency
  • Scattered marketing
  • Fragmented showings
  • Months of uncertainty
  • Low-ball offers

Our 72-Hour Program

  • Short commitment
  • High urgency
  • Front-loaded marketing
  • Compressed showings
  • Immediate resolution
  • Higher offers
There is no obligation to accept offers presented to you.
Questions or comments? Talk with a 72-Hour Concierge.

Get the process started

The first step is to let us price your home.
Then, it only takes a few days to get multiple cash offers.

We're Here To Help

Our friendly 72-Hour Concierge Team is based at our 6000 sq ft office in Gainey Financial Center at 7333 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd, Ste 100, Scottsdale, AZ, 85258. Stop by or call if you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we generate cash buyers looking for well-maintained homes on quiet streets in desirable neighborhoods. 

No, having us generate offers for you is absolutely free. If you accept an offer, you pay us a fair fee we mutually agree. 

No, you do not have to accept any of the offers we present and you owe us nothing. 

No, our buyers are aware of the MLS inventory and are interested in “off market” homes with no MLS days on market. 

Many of our buyers will accommodate your timeline on closing and moving. 

The 72-Hour Home Sale Program is a copyrighted/trademarked program developed by Hague Partners, a 20-year AZ real estate firm founded by Greg Hague, a 30-year Arizona real estate broker and attorney.